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  • City Island Park, Bronx, NY  November 2010 (c) Daniel Yoffee Photography

Daniel Yoffee is a fine arts photographer who has toured Europe, the Middle East and the United States. His works are in private collections and hotels, where people can enjoy his eye for the beauty of nature, people and architecture. His strong passion and love of photography comes across in each image that he has created.

I have discovered in myself an ability to capture unique moments, first as a teenager photographing family celebrations through today, displaying prints that share the spirit and expressions of people and cultures near and far. My goal is to share my way of viewing a scene that others may not.”

A lifelong New Yorker, Daniel Yoffee began to explore his interest in photography as a child capturing special moments with family, friends and pets. He went on to study the art of photography at Tappan Zee High School, St. Thomas Aquinas College, International Center of Photography, National Geographic travel photography seminars and Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

“I often pause in Manhattan to see what people are photographing and the view from where they stand. I like to see what I can capture in reflections, vivid colors and peaceful moments.”

Daniel created a photo book of benches from around the world dedicated to the memory of his twin brother Alan. “After his death my interest in taking pictures of empty chairs and park benches developed. As the years continue to pass and I see a new bench to photograph I think of all that my brother has missed and all of the changes that have since occurred.”

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